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Community-Based Projects

Julio Cesar:

Mask Maker of the Costa Rican Rainforest (2006)

Developed and implemented presentations for elementary, middle school, and high school art classes in collaboration with indigenous mask-maker.

With Julio Morato, Costa Rican mask-maker, Sarah Jimenez, artist and art educator, Nancy Muise, Arlington High School Art Teacher, Anne Brady, Arlington Middle School Art Teacher, Deborah Martin, Elementary Art Teacher, Deborah Chisholm, Elementary Art Teacher, and Deborah Castagna, Elementary Art Teacher.  


Workshop in Paper Mache and Puppet Making (2004)

Art Education Workshop for Community Members, Arlington Public Schools

Funded by Arlington Educational Enrichment Fund

The Arlington Reservoir Art Project (2003)                                    

Designed and implemented project in which students visited the Arlington Reservoir accompanied by local bird watchers, naturalists, and members of the Arlington Reservoir Committee. Students sketched birds, plants, and shore creatures. Students later created beautiful paintings of birds in their  habitats. World famous bird painter, David Allen Sibley presented a slide show and demonstration for the fifth graders and adults participating in the project. Photograph at left shows painting by fifth grader.

With Jennifer Flores, Education Director, Arlington Center for the Arts; Lesley Mayer, Arlington Reservoir Committee; David Allen Sibley, World-Renowned Bird Artist; Janet Kovner, Director of Outreach and Stewardship, Mystic River Watershed Association; Lisa Brukilacchio, Community Partnerships Coordinator, Tufts University College of Citizenship and Public Service; Marjorie Rines, Editor, Bird Observer of Eastern Massachusetts; and Marcia Hegarty, Habitat Inc.

Semana Latina (2002-2003)

School-wide project in which children studied art, music, and rituals from Spanish-speaking cultures and then created Ojo De Dios, paintings based on Aztec Calendars, paintings inspired by Oaxacan carved figures, and masks based on masks from Puerto Rico. Photograph at left shows first grade painting inspired by Guatemalan Worry Dolls.

With Marina Cocconi, Arlington Elementary Spanish Teacher and Charlotte Pierce and Kathleen Peoples, Bishop School Parents.


Bishop Spirit Mural (2001-2002)

This project was completed in response to the renovation of Bishop School and the need to add warmth through imagery to the bare walls. Photograph at left shows fifth graders painting the mural.

With Tricia O’Neill and Christine Doherty, muralists

Funded by Arlington Education Enrichment Fund


Mystic River Fish Project (2001)

Students created paintings of fanciful fish with acrylic paint on Masonite boards. Paintings were displayed to raise awareness of the Mystic River and the importance of taking care of it. Photograph at left shows acrylic painting by fifth grader.

With Jennifer Flores, Artist and

Education Director of the Arlington Center for the Arts

Funded by the Arlington Arts Council

Town Planning Project

Community-Based Art Project (1999-2000)

With Carol Lurie, Town Planner, and Harold Tarkington, Architect

Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, MA

Funded by The Arlington Arts Council

Photograph at left shows imaginary town created by fifth graders.


Visual Voices,

Peirce School Community Art Exhibit (1998)

Student artwork displayed along with artwork by parents and artists in the community. Photograph at left shows local artist drawing portrait of kindergarten student. This project became an annual event and still continues today in 2006.

With Lanise Jacoby, Second Grade Teacher, Peirce School and Jeff Fallon, Artist and Parent from Peirce School

The Artists’ Workshop (1997-1998)

Completed in conjunction with dissertation project for Lesley University Doctoral Program under the direction of Deborah Sherman, Jill Tarule, and Judith Campbell. Photograph at left shows Meredith Eppel of Harvard Project Zero demonstrating painting process for students.

With Meredith Eppel, Artist, and Tina Grotzer, Educator, Harvard Project Zero

Funded by Arlington Education Enrichment Fund

And Bishop and Peirce Parent Teacher Organizations